It's Time For a New Approach to Application Delivery

View this on-demand webinar to hear Prosimo’s CEO and Co-Founder Ramesh Prabagaran as he discusses what customers are focusing on as they rethink application delivery. Key questions he tackles are:


  • As apps become increasingly diverse, what constraints do they place on my stack?
  • The public cloud is the new IT infrastructure, so how do I use it to my benefit?
  • IT isn’t just about making things work anymore, so how do I focus on outcomes driven by insights?
  • In a distributed multi-cloud environment, how do I make sure my data remains in my control?
  • Why should I rethink app delivery in a multi-cloud world with Prosimo AXI?


  • Introduction
  • What customers are focusing on as they think about application delivery
  • Demo
  • Q&A

View the on-demand webinar


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Ramesh Prabagaran

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